„Schnuppe!“ just got released!

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The creation was rather accidental, the Schleudertrauma should be finished first and by now.

In any case, songs were found on the hard disk, some of which were started in 2004, but then disappeared into the digital nirvana. That would have been just too bad if it had stayed that way.

That's why we collected them all with some new ideas on an album.

Phantomflimmern is a song from that time. The background should become a visual/radio play. A part of it. The instruments were simply exchanged and here and there rhythm mistakes were eliminated. And at the end the guitar parts were played completely new.

Regen originates from the same phase. It is a collage of rain-, environment- and thunder noises ... with a light synthie note.

Schlummerland was the actual ignition spark, to release Schnuppe! inbetween. Yes, the song was ultimately to blame for the new album.

The Radiator should have been a concept album back then. A continuous song about 45 minutes. But it was discarded, because probably nobody has the patience and time to listen to songs that long. Meanwhile we don't care about such thoughts.

That's how the division came about and three individual songs came to life: Ohrmuschelrauschen, Traumflimmern and Fahlgrau.

The other ideas followed as single songs.

In any case, the find as a coherent piece was a joyful surprise. The intermediate parts are quite interesting after all. The instrumentation was adjusted a bit and new guitar parts were played from start till the end ... and so there exist 18 minutes of new head cinema from the Radiator phase now.

Kladderadatsch was once the intro to the Funkelkiste Teppichgeistern. The idea found its way as Gedankenflackern on the Teppichgeister. And now with different instrumentation and unused melodies and completely new guitars.

The Sternengefunkel has the same substructure like Traumkoffer of the Teppichgeister. So it's a remix. To be more precise, another remix. Because Scott / Lancaster and Lena / Warsaw from the album Dadanaut auf Reise have the same origin aswell. For the new album with new instrumentation, some changes and new guitars.

New songs on the album?! Actually „only“ Schatten, Tiefensog and Kaltland. Like all the other songs since then, they were created by pure coincidence and according to mood, and can’t be reproduced.

Shadows was inspired by John Carpenter's film music.

The theme? What's the theme? Piss on the wall! ['Sorry.]

It's about dreaming, thinking, counting clouds, looking at stars, slumbering, chatting together, ...

Schnuppe is the short form for shooting star. That applies to the album.

I don't give a damn! counts and doesn’t count here. Listening would be great. The rest is a matter of taste.

Because Schnuppe! is also our first album, which is not only released by us ... or was. Artists without Publicists (doesn’t exist anymore) – a small label picked us up and added us to their catalogue. Just because we are so sympathetically weird. That fits perfectly into their concept. It doesn't make us rich. It's more like a common pot that benefits all bands in the label. Right for us...

We get a small part of the sales (Which sales?) and the rest flows into the big pot, from which we all draw together. Almost like a collective farm...

Let's wait and see.

But listen now! And have fun!

And for those of you who have read all the way here: Thank you!

The advertising drum to it.