Life is one of the most exciting things you can experience. Whether you like it or not. Variety is the spice of life.

Dadanaut, like everyone else, experiences the most banal things. He listens and sees and and saves. He preserves his experience in musical form. Even if only the title of the song can make the connection to the experience or the memory, one can still hear what’s meant. Everyone has a different head cinema.

Life is dangerous. Since you can get a whiplash from it.

The album has its roots sometime in the fall of 2014 (November). That's a long time ago.

We had so many ideas and songs that it was enough for two more albums before Schleudertrauma would be released. So after Radiator the Reise and the Schnuppe! intervened, and the release got pushed further and further into the future.

On those inbetween albums are ideas that we did not want to pack on Schleudertrauma. We thought that they won’t fit in thematically. But that's always a matter of taste.

And finally, the planned album was number 4, but only the 7th dadanautische publication. Because Kabale, a completely new idea, got released in between.

Since such a lengthy work can be very quickly a mental head monster. Just a whiplash. It feels good to finally get it done and out.

Anyway, we wanted to sound more colorful on Schleudertrauma and a little bit crazier than usual. I hope we succeeded.

But listen for yourself ...

On this album Dadanaut are Marco Dinkel, Hendrik Strehl and Bobby Haynes.

Artwork by Hendrik Strehl.

Released: 1. Mai 2018

album, music, schleudertrauma, whiplash